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CAC 2020 Spotify Wrapped

2020 has been a weird year for everyone, but we are so grateful for this 🙏 thank you to all our friends and fans for continuing to stream the hell out of these songs!


Tag us if we’re in your top 5, we wanna see them all ❤


CAC Spotify Wrapped 2020


CAC Spotify Wrapped 2020

Chasing Ghosts Hits 1 MILLION Streams on Spotify!

One Million Streams on ‘Chasing Ghosts’ on Spotify. Unbelievable. Thank you to the fans and listeners for supporting us and making our dreams come true. Thank you Equal Vision Records + Big Picture Media for your love and support during the ‘Nothing Grows Here’ album cycle. We would not be here without you!

We are currently working on new music for you, keep your eyes peeled for updates and live streams across our socials while we journey into a new era of Calling All Captains.

Chasing Ghosts Added to “Punk Rock Workout” Spotify Playlist

Have you listened to ‘Chasing Ghosts’ on Spotify’s ‘Punk Rock Workout’ playlist? Check it out here:

Disconnected Added to “The Scene” Spotify Playlist

“Disconnected” just got added to “The Scene” Spotify Playlist! Wow this is cool af. Thanks for listening! Here’s the link to the playlist.

Nerve Added to “Skatepark Punks” Spotify Playlist

Our song “Nerve” just got added to the Spotify Playlist “Skatepark Punks”! Heelll yeaahhh! Check out the playlist here.

Disconnected Added to “Pop Punk’s Not Dead” Spotify Playlist

Our song “Disconnected” just got added to the Spotify Playlist “Pop Punk’s Not Dead”! Love this playlist! Check it out here.






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