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Finished Recording Next Album!

GREAT NEWS EVERYONE we’re done tracking! It’s been a crazy couple weeks in the studio, but the album is finished. Huge shout out to our producer/engineer @quinncmusic for helping us make these songs into the best possible versions of themselves. We pushed our boundaries even more on this one. We experimented. We grew. We came to a fork in the road and chose neither path, but carved out our own.

Our first full length record is on the way. Hope yall are ready.

Watch for our first single to be released via Equal Vision Records.

Music Video for Re-Imagined Chasing Ghosts

Surprise! We’ve put together a music video for our re-imagined version of “Chasing Ghosts”. Big thanks to Brandynn Leigh for putting it all together, this video is a vibe! Check it out here

Equal Vision Records‘s Safe And Sound Isolation Compilation is streaming now! Featuring dope bands like Young Culture , Kaonashi & Saves The Day!

Chasing Ghosts Hits 1 MILLION Streams on Spotify!

One Million Streams on ‘Chasing Ghosts’ on Spotify. Unbelievable. Thank you to the fans and listeners for supporting us and making our dreams come true. Thank you Equal Vision Records + Big Picture Media for your love and support during the ‘Nothing Grows Here’ album cycle. We would not be here without you!

We are currently working on new music for you, keep your eyes peeled for updates and live streams across our socials while we journey into a new era of Calling All Captains.

‘Safe And Sound”: An Isolation Compilation

Equal Vision Records presents: ‘Safe & Sound: An Isolation Compilation’

Head over to the Equal Vision Records Bandcamp or MerchNOW pages to check out our RE-IMAGINED version of ‘CHASING GHOSTS’! We are proud and honored to be featured on a compilation with artists such as Armor For SleepSaves The DayAs Cities BurnI the MightyYOUNG CULTURE and more!!


Safe and Sound comp merch

Video for “Out Of My Head”

Our new vid for “Out Of My Head” is now LIVE! Head over to the Equal Vision Records YouTube Channel to check it out and leave us some nice comments to read later 🍿

Big shout out to our friends in Guerrilla Motion Pictures for filming and editing this for us ❤️


Nothing Grows Here EP Turns 1 Year Old

Our Equal Vision Records debut EP “Nothing Grows Here” turns 1 year old today! 🎈🎁 🥳

This EP was a monumental step up for us. We played almost 100 shows this past year to push that baby. We toured across the continent, played the BIGGEST shows of our lives, and took leaps and bounds worth of progress musically. We can’t even describe the feeling when you point yourself in one direction and put literal years of your life into this ONE thing, and finally see that all the blood, sweat, tears, and bullshit that got you there pay off. That’s what this album was to us. It was everything. Thank you for connecting with these 5 songs and letting them change you. Hurt you. Heal you. We felt that at every show. And we’ll continue to feel it ‘cause we taking this shit to the top! It’s CAC BABY! Let’s all send this sappy post off with the song or lyric that meant the most to you

We love you all, take care of yourselves ❤️

CAC Fan Tattoos

Starting to see a lot of Captains tattoos popping up. We see you guys! Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve shown us. Special shout out to Billy, Aly, and Devon for these awesome CACttoos!

CAC Tattoos Billy

Tattoo on our boy Billy <3


CAC Tattoos Aly

Awesome piece on our girl Aly <3


CAC Tattoos Devon

Sick CG tatt on our dude Devon, hell yeah!


Thank you guys! If you have a CAC tatt that you want to send in, please email to

Chasing Ghosts Added to “Punk Rock Workout” Spotify Playlist

Have you listened to ‘Chasing Ghosts’ on Spotify’s ‘Punk Rock Workout’ playlist? Check it out here:

“Fools Gold” Music Video Release

New music video for Fools Gold OUT NOW! Check it out here:

For the first time ever, ‘Nothing Grows Here’ is available on vinyl through Equal Vision Records! Pre-orders are available here:


“Chasing Ghosts” Music Video Release

Our second music video is now out with Equal Vision Records! Check out “Chasing Ghosts” now!


Nothing Grows Here Charts on Billboard

Beyond excited to share that we charted on Billboard!! Thank you guys so much for the support in “Nothing Grows Here” ❤️ 

Nothing Grows Here EP Release

Our debut EP with Equal Vision Records and Rude Records “Nothing Grows Here” is out NOW! Go give it a spin wherever you can find it and then tell us what your fav song is, we want to know!

Big thanks to our awesome engineer QuinnCmusic, producer Tyler Scott, and our manager at Word Is Bond Inc Erick Droegmoeller. Without them, there is no us. Thank you to Soft Surrogate and Arkive for going above and beyond to get us this amazing album artwork. Huge shout out to our amazing team at EVR and Big Picture Media for all their countless hours of hard work on our behalf. And finally thank you to YOU, our friends and fans, without whom none of this would even be possible.

We love you all and we’re STOKED to meet lots of you on our US tour starting next week. See you out there 😘

Disconnected Added to “The Scene” Spotify Playlist

“Disconnected” just got added to “The Scene” Spotify Playlist! Wow this is cool af. Thanks for listening! Here’s the link to the playlist.

Nerve Added to “Skatepark Punks” Spotify Playlist

Our song “Nerve” just got added to the Spotify Playlist “Skatepark Punks”! Heelll yeaahhh! Check out the playlist here.

Disconnected Added to “Pop Punk’s Not Dead” Spotify Playlist

Our song “Disconnected” just got added to the Spotify Playlist “Pop Punk’s Not Dead”! Love this playlist! Check it out here.

“Disconnected” Music Video Release

We are STOKED to release our first music video with Equal Vision Records, filmed in our very own backyard in Edmonton, Alberta. Hope you enjoy “Disconnected”!