Our Equal Vision Records debut EP “Nothing Grows Here” turns 1 year old today! 🎈🎁 🥳

This EP was a monumental step up for us. We played almost 100 shows this past year to push that baby. We toured across the continent, played the BIGGEST shows of our lives, and took leaps and bounds worth of progress musically. We can’t even describe the feeling when you point yourself in one direction and put literal years of your life into this ONE thing, and finally see that all the blood, sweat, tears, and bullshit that got you there pay off. That’s what this album was to us. It was everything. Thank you for connecting with these 5 songs and letting them change you. Hurt you. Heal you. We felt that at every show. And we’ll continue to feel it ‘cause we taking this shit to the top! It’s CAC BABY! Let’s all send this sappy post off with the song or lyric that meant the most to you

We love you all, take care of yourselves ❤️